Interfaith's Housing programs work to reverse the cycle of homelessness by connecting individuals with a wide range of emergency, transitional and permanent housing resources. Last year, 726 individuals slept under an Interfaith roof. Housing services include specialized resources for homeless men and women, as well as families, veterans, seniors and individuals with disabilities. All Housing programs include case management and supportive services to ensure individuals achieve not only housing stability, but also self-sufficiency. Click here to download more information on our Housing programs.


Interfaith offers emergency rental or mortgage assistance, as well as motel vouchers to prevent imminent homelessness or to provide rapid re-housing for homeless individuals.


Interfaith will be opening a year-round shelter to provide emergency housing for up to 49 homeless men and women each night. Based in Escondido, the Haven House Emergency Shelter will focus on providing services to those who are either already working, or are on-track to gain employment.

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Interfaith's Recuperative Care Program provides emergency housing and supportive services to homeless veterans and non-veterans, who are discharged from a hospital and need a place to recover from an acute illness or injury, whether physical or mental-health related. The program offers short-term care (30-90 days) to individuals with conditions that would be exacerbated by living on the street, in shelters, or other unsuitable places. The goal of the program is to stabilize the client's medical or mental health conditions, engage them in managing their ongoing health care, and facilitate their transition into stable housing.

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Interfaith's transitional housing programs provide between one and two years of housing for homeless individuals and families. Along with housing, residents engage in comprehensive counseling and case-managed services. The shared goals of our transitional housing programs are to empower community members to regain stability and secure their own permanent housing upon program completion. Interfaith also offers a comprehensive Family Housing Program, in addition to specialized transitional housing for veterans, individuals overcoming addiction and individuals living with mental illness.


Interfaith offers a variety of permanent housing units and programs that provide safe and affordable housing for homeless community members. Interfaith works within a housing methodology that prioritizes moving homeless individuals into housing as quickly as possible while simultaneously providing right-sized supportive services. Interfaith also provides owned and operated supportive permanent housing for homeless disabled individuals, as well as families with a disabled adult family member. Interfaith’s Fairweather Lodge program based in Escondido and San Marcos provides permanent shared housing for mentally ill adults.

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