September 28 at 4:34pm

7th Grade Students Aim to Set World Record to Fight Hunger

francis-parker-logoA group of seventh graders at Francis Parker School will attempt to break a Guinness World Record for constructing the largest mosaic made out of cereal boxes as part of a strategy aimed at raising awareness about hunger and homelessness in San Diego.

Construction is set for Saturday Oct. 9 in the Field House on the Linda Vista Campus. The mosaic, which will measure approximately 1,000 square feet, grew from an initiative launched by 12-year-old Kenan Pala.

“This project will create a platform to help those in need,” said Kenan. “I have been very passionate about helping people in need and I am so happy to have the support from my school and friends to make a difference.”

Quaker Oats Co. is providing the 3,926 unopened boxes of Life, Puffed Wheat, Puffed Rice, Simply Granola and other popular brands of morning favorites that will be turned into the record-breaking piece of art roughly the size of a two-bedroom condo. All of the unopened cereal will be donated to Interfaith Community Services following the event.

Members of the Food4Homeless team set to break the record include Rory Allen, Aadam Awad, Cade Dethloff, Taj Gillin, Kenan Pala, Aryo Khrrati, Jenna Kim, David Litman, Ari Mazow, Erk Sampat and Sean Walters.

San Diego County has the state’s second largest homeless population, with more than 8,700 people, almost 4,500 of whom are unsheltered, according to the Regional Task Force on the Homeless. A large number are college students, more than 12 percent are military veterans, and more than 27 percent are women.

“For many, homelessness is a daunting issue, a seemingly intractable problem effecting thousands in our community,” said Greg Anglea, Executive Director of Interfaith Community Services. “But the reality is that anyone can make a real difference by simply donating food to proven, effective programs that utilize food as a link to comprehensive services that best help each homeless individual and family.”

Anglea pointed out that donating food to an organization such as Interfaith Community Services does much more than feed the hungry, it connects them with housing, counseling, employment opportunities, and more.

For media inquiries regarding this event, please contact Lauren Holt, Communications Coordinator, at (619) 851-4639.