March 8 at 11:38pm

7th Grader Donates 700+ Pounds of Food to Interfaith

Brian, a 12-year old 7th grader at SOUL Charter School in Solana Beach, decided he wanted to do a food drive. He & his mom contacted the store manager at Ralphs in 4s Ranch to ask if he could sit in front of the store to “ask” folks to donate to Interfaith’s emergency food pantry. The manager said, “Yes!”

For multiple weekends Brian parked himself in front of Ralphs asking for donations. He and his mom were pleasantly surprised with how supportive Ralphs customers were to Brian’s efforts to provide food to people in need. After each day, Brian and his mom would unload the donations & store them in their garage.

This week, Brian & his mom loaded up her SUV and drove and incredible 700+ pounds of food to Interfaith!

When Brian was asked what inspired him to do a food drive, he simply said, “I just wanted to do something good!”

For more information about how your young philanthropist at home can get involved with Interfaith, please click here.