May 5 at 5:36pm

After years of waiting, Interfaith helps family find a home

When Cynthia, Fernando, and their two children Vienna and Sydney were evicted from their home last December, they had no where to go. It was the beginning of a wet, rainy winter and while a fellow church member offered to take in Cynthia and the kids, Fernando was forced to live on the street. Once he secured a job and began to save what little money he could, Fernando moved his family into a hotel in Escondido while they tried to figure out their next move.

“It was really hard,” said Fernando. “We went through everything you could go through – we had no car, no home, no clothes, no food. It was tough.”

During that time, the family spent years on affordable housing waiting lists. While Fernando was working hard to keep a roof over his family’s heads, their savings were dwindling and options running out. It was then that another local organization recommended Fernando and Cynthia visit Interfaith to discuss housing options. Not long after that first appointment, they received the call that changed their lives: they finally had a place of their own. 

“Interfaith became our only option,” said Cynthia. “But they quickly gave us hope and a roof over our heads again. They really have been a blessing.”

Today, Cynthia, Fernando and their daughters live in their own apartment in Ramona and virtually every aspect of their lives has improved by leaps and bounds: the girl’s are excelling in school, both Cynthia and Fernando have returned to get their college degrees, and for the first time in a long time, they are able to enjoy time spent together as a family.

We just needed a little push and a lot of help,” said Cynthia. “And that’s exactly what Interfaith was able to do for our family.”

To learn how you can support families like Cynthia and Fernando’s, please contact Chief Development Officer, Robert Adams, at or by calling (760) 489-6380 ext. 206.