June 19 at 6:20pm

Bank of America announces grant for Self-Sufficiency Program

Interfaith is proud to have been awarded a grant from Bank of America to fund our Oceanside Self-Sufficiency and Support Program, which provides comprehensive services to empower vulnerable families, adults, seniors, and veterans to lead independent and thriving lives along the coast.

Through this support, we’re expanding economic opportunities and solutions for those most in need. In addition, nutritional assistance is provided through three-day emergency food supplies from on-site food pantries. Food distributions are also held throughout the North Coastal region of San Diego County in the most poverty-stricken neighborhoods.

Other emergency services as part of this program include transportation assistance for interviews and doctor appointments, assistance with obtaining vital documents, financial assistance for eyeglasses and prescriptions, and connections to benefits and utility programs. Services to support low-income families and individuals’ financial stability and money management skills include free tax preparation and income tax assistance. These services connect taxpayers to the Earned Income Tax Credit and other credits for which they may qualify.

To learn more about Interfaith’s programs and services across San Diego County, please click here.