January 30 at 7:15pm

Briant and Grandma

Briant is a young man who has gone through a lot this past year. After his parents lost custody of him, he moved in with his grandma. Through it all, he still has a positive outlook on life, and most of all, loves being under his grandma’s care. Briant says he understands it’s a difficult situation for his grandma having to take care of a teenager. So, whenever he has a chance to show his gratitude for grandma, he takes it.

During the holidays, Briant was paired with a donor for our Adopt-A-Family 2019 Program. He was asked what he would like as a gift. Briant has a passion for skateboarding and whenever he has free time, he spends it at the skate park. Yet, when he had the opportunity to ask for a gift, even though he really wanted a new skateboard, he thought of grandma. Briant’s grandma has a favorite perfume which he says reminds him of home. So, he asked if she could be gifted the perfume instead. The good news is that our generous donor not only gifted grandma her perfume, but surprised Briant with a couple gifts of his own. They are so thankful for your support and want to wish you a happy holiday season!