April 18 at 3:00pm

Calvin Christian walkers raise $2,400 for ICS

March 28 was a beautiful day for walking at Calvin Christian School in Escondido and a great day to raise money for charity.

That’s what students did during the school’s annual Grandparents Day Walk-a-Thon. Each grade chose a charity to support and collected financial pledges to aid those charities.
The first- and third-grade classes chose the food programs serving the homeless at Interfaith Community Services as the charity they wanted to support. And they followed through with enthusiasm, raising $2,400.01.

Forty students in the two classes participated in the walk, with the third-graders averaging about 15 laps during the hour of the event, reported Anita Termaat, who with fellow teacher Pat Medendorp, led the third-graders. Termaat said the school was very pleased with the total collected, noting that it increased from the $1,379 raised last year for Interfaith.

Interfaith is incredibly grateful for the students, parents, and administrators at Calvin Christian for their incredible dedication and generosity! Their gifts will help so many of our clients in need this year.