June 1 at 8:02pm

Carlsbad Hi-Noon Rotary Club Contribution!

 Interfaith gives a huge thanks to the Carlsbad Hi-Noon Rotary Club for granting $2,000 to our Transitional Youth Academy (TYA)! The award was accepted on May 20th by Brittany Krippner, TYA Case Manager, and Espy, a junior at Carlsbad High School. TYA’s comprehensive support services work to ensure youth faced with adverse and challenging life experiences successfully earn a high school diploma, are prepared for college, and secure careers with livable wages through academic mentoring, leadership development, family support, and employment development.
    TYA made a huge impact on Espy’s life after personal and financial hardships led her family to move to Carlsbad from Santa Cruz; she went from feeling very unmotivated and discouraged at the beginning of the school year to becoming incredibly focused on improving her grades, self-esteem, and motivation. Espy was even admitted to the CHS Academy- a competitive and rigorous program that allows Senior Year students to gain offsite workforce experience catered to their career interests while obtaining high school class credits. Her acceptance into the Academy has given Espy one more extra resource and opportunity to successfully accomplish her dream of becoming a nurse.
    “This program has helped me with a lot of different things- time management, being on top of my assignments, and having someone to be able to check in with has been so helpful. They help me think about strategies I could use or focus on to be more successful, and having an extra support system and resource at school has helped me further my interest in nursing. I would describe TYA to someone as, ‘A personal counselor, friend, and support system all in one’.”
    Thank you to the Carlsbad Hi-Noon Rotary Club for their continued support of Interfaith, and making a difference in the lives of students like Espy!