August 30 at 4:35pm

The Linden Root Dickinson Foundation $125,000 Contribution

More good news! 😀 The Linden Root Dickinson Foundation has contributed $125,000 over the past year to support our communities’ veterans ...

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July 30 at 6:20pm

Rancho Bernardo Noon Rotary Club Foundation $3,000 Contribution

One of the resources that we are so incredibly proud of is our Minor Home Repair Program! 🏠🔨 Great News! ...

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July 15 at 11:50pm


Thank you to everyone who attended our June 2019 General Membership Meeting! If you have any questions regarding the General Membership ...

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June 26 at 9:06pm

USS Midway Museum Foundation $25,000 Contribution

Huge thank you to San Diego Police Department Chief David Nisleit (left), Lori Pfeiler, CEO of Habitat for Humanity San ...

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June 21 at 11:21pm

AT&T Foundation $20,000 Contribution

A huge thank you to the good people of the AT&T Foundation for their contribution of $20,000 in support of ...

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