March 7 at 2:22pm

City Church interns spruce up family living unit

A group of five interns from The City Church in 4S Ranch didn’t let a rainy day stand in the way of their cleaning up an apartment on Aster Street for occupancy by a family coming out of homelessness.

The quintet of young adults spent several hours Feb. 28 dusting, wiping down walls, cabinets and counters, cleaning windows and clearing out excess stuff from a two-bedroom unit that is part of Interfaith Community Services’ transitional housing for families.

Caleb Riley, 20, stood atop a kitchen counter to wipe down the higher shelves, while explaining the church’s internship program, which brings teens and young adults from around the world to church sites for years of study, mission work and community service.

His compatriot, Annie Buonvicino, 18, said that their community service included feeding the hungry in downtown San Diego, bringing gifts and supplies to orphanages in Mexico and providing food boxes for families in need.

The interns can spend three years in the program. Many of them travel domestically and overseas to share their ministry and do service projects.

Amy Heidman, 28, leader of the church’s homeless ministry, enlisted the crew for this project through a connection with Mary Ferro, faith liaison for Interfaith Community Services.

The young people said they were happy to help.

“I like (doing this). I like to clean,” said Christine Heyne, 19, who was joined by Andy Heckbert, 23, in completing the crew.

The job wasn’t too difficult, the interns agreed.

“I was expecting it to be a lot dirtier than this,” said Riley.