August 29 at 7:37pm

Client Story: Beatriz

Interfaith Community Services is dedicated to helping our neighbors in need. The people we serve all have their own unique story of hardship and hope. Here is Beatriz’s story, told from her own words:

My name is Beatriz. My family went from having everything to becoming homeless. Our life was good. We had a happy family, my three kids were doing well in school, I had a reliable job as the manager of a retail store, and my husband was a chef. My daughters, Sylvia and Stephanie, were enrolled in ballet and gymnastics, and my son, Manuel, was in boxing. We were living in a condominium and working with the owners to purchase it. We were doing well for ourselves. Then my husband was arrested and went to jail. He was involved in illegal activity at work without me knowing. I had my suspicions since he was coming home late, but I was focused on being a mom and working hard at my job. My kids and I had to move out of our home; I couldn’t make my job hours work as a newly single mom and was let go. We lost everything.

We stayed in hotels until savings ran out. I was scared. I was so scared, for my kids’ future, that at one point I even thought I might just give up and sign custody over to my mother‐in‐law. Then I came to Interfaith. For the first time, there was a glimpse of hope. I told myself, in that moment, “I have to keep going, for my kids.”

When I told the staff at Interfaith I had run out of money for hotels, they immediately moved us into their crisis family housing. We even got new beds, donated furniture, and household supplies to get started. We stayed there for a month while I worked with Interfaith staff to find a more permanent place to live. I got a great job at Costco, but I was still worried that we wouldn’t be approved for our own place with limited savings and big move‐in costs.

Turns out, I had nothing to worry about. Interfaith’s relationships with property managers helped me get approved for our own apartment. They helped me with initial move‐in costs, and let us keep the new beds and household supplies we were given. I can now provide for my family and pay rent on my own. I want to go school for optometry. I want to work in Costco’s eye care & vision department and move up to eventually be able to pay for things like sports and dance for Stephanie, Sylvia, and Manuel.
I am so thankful for Interfaith. I don’t know where we would be without them. I am also thankful to you and the donors who support Interfaith. I know that we wouldn’t have been able to put our lives back together if it weren’t for you.

Thank you,