April 21 at 6:34pm

Client Success Story: Claire

2016-04-21 11.57.58A Texas native, Claire moved out to Southern California in 1983 to live closer to family. “I never had any issues,” said Claire. “I always had a job and if I ever needed to find a new one, I could within a week.” However, at the end of last year Claire found herself out of work and unable to find her next employment opportunity.

“My unemployment ran out and then I was just bouncing around, staying at friend’s places,” said Claire. “But you can only do that for so long.”

With no other options, Claire resorted to living in her truck while she tried to figure out her next step. When she went to file for Section 8 rental assistance, an employee referred her to Interfaith and mentioned the 25 Cities initiative.

“I’m just thankful that there was help out there,” said Claire. “Things just happened so fast; when you lose everything, what are you supposed to do?”

Not long after getting connected with Karla, her case manager at Interfaith, Claire started preparing to move into her own apartment.

“It was all such a whirlwind,” said Claire. “But as soon as I started working with Karla, things were moving along and I was in my own place. She was such a blessing.”

Today, Claire is living in her own studio in Fallbrook and is working a part-time job at a dress shop in Carlsbad. She’s currently looking for another part-time job to supplement her income, hopefully as an apartment manager. In her free time, Claire also plans to begin volunteering with Interfaith.

“I’d love to give back and be able to help,” said Claire. “I have it in my heart, especially since I’ve received so much help here.”