March 6 at 11:31am

Client Success Story: Don G.


2015-03-03-12.34.03-smallerAfter 17 years in the Navy, Don retired, stayed in San Diego, and began working as a Security Supervisor. During this time, he lived with a friend in Tijuana and while Don admits the commute could be difficult at times, he enjoyed both his career and life at home. However, after seven years with his company, Don was blindsided when he was laid off in 2012. While he continued to live with his friend in Tijuana, he often felt like a burden, relying solely on the less than $300 a month he received from disability.

Don was able to stay with different friends while he looked for employment, but felt frustrated and discouraged. When a friend recommended he talk to the Department of Veterans Affairs, Don was pointed in the direction of Merle’s Place, a transitional housing shelter for homeless veterans at Interfaith Community Services’ headquarters in Escondido.

“I wasn’t on the streets, I had a roof over my head, and I was so grateful,” said Don on moving into Merle’s Place. “I started to grind and work hard so I would never be in this situation again.”

When a position opened up with Interfaith as a Resident Supervisor, Don was recommended by an Interfaith staff member for the job. After a stellar interview, he was offered the job and accepted the position in January 2015.

“Interfaith could’ve bypassed me because of everything they had to juggle to get me where I am today – but they didn’t. I couldn’t be more thankful,” said Don.

Because he was still staying at Merle’s Place at the time and couldn’t hold his Resident Supervisor position while living in a temporary shelter, Interfaith helped Don find a permanent apartment and today he is happy to be decorating his new studio blocks from the beach in Oceanside!

“The support I’ve had has been amazing,” said Don. “After I signed the paperwork for my studio, I just started crying. I have a home now and everything is falling into place.”

For more information on the programs and services available to veterans, please click here or call (760) 489-6380.