February 27 at 8:50am

Client Success Story: Kamila

MG_3877-copyWhile it is unthinkable to imagine our nation’s heroes, let alone their partners and children, falling into the cycle of homelessness after bravely serving their country, thousands of veteran families find themselves without a roof over their heads each year. Fortunately, Interfaith Community Services is here to help, and provides resources and support to over a thousand veterans each year to prevent and reverse the cycle of homelessness.  Empowered by a new grant from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Interfaith’s Veterans Assistance of San Diego program is able to provide crucial emergency support to prevent veterans and their families from becoming homeless.

Recently, Interfaith was able to provide services for Kamila, a proud veteran spouse and mother of two young children, including a daughter with Autism.  Kamila and her family found themselves in dire circumstances after her husband, who served in the Marine Corps for over ten years, unexpectedly lost his job. Simultaneously, Kamila’s hours working as an instructional aide were significantly decreased; due to these unfortunate circumstances, the family’s once stable and reliable income was drastically reduced.

Kamila’s husband quickly enrolled in a new employment training program, hoping to secure a new income source to support his family. While there was hope in sight, when she was threatened with an eviction notice and had her vehicle was repossessed, Kamila was left feeling distraught and overwhelmed, remarking “I had nowhere to turn.”

Being a former military spouse, Kamila believed there were organizations that provided support for veterans and their families.  However, after reaching out to over 13 organizations, she discovered that they only provided assistance to active duty families.  A chance encounter with an Interfaith partner organization, STEP (Supporting the Enlisted Project), provided Kamila and her family not only with the initial support they needed, but also a referral to Interfaith for further assistance to regain their self-sufficiency.

Through Interfaith’s Veterans Assistance of San Diego program, Kamila consulted with a case manager, who connected her family with crucial resources for the emergency assistance. Interfaith’s support proved invaluable in helping the family maintain their home and stability.

“With the help of Interfaith, we were able to pay our rent and avoid eviction, as well as receive assistance for our utility bills,” expressed Kamila.

While Kamila and her family continue to work to regain their independence, she remarks “Interfaith’s case management program has set us on the right path toward self-sufficiency.”