February 19 at 4:07pm

Client Success Story: Tony Y.

Article-9aInterfaith Community Services has a variety of programs and services spanning across a multitude of needs, ranging from youth services, to addiction recovery, to shelters and housing. Because of the variety in our programs, many Interfaith clients are able to seek the assistance of multiple services at the same time. We recently sat down with one such client, Tony, who credits his involvement in mulitple Interfaith programs with helping him get back on his feet

Tony’s journey to Interfaith began when he was laid off from his full-time job and he found himself struggling without a steady paycheck and benefits. Months later, he was excited to start a new job, but found it hard to get to and from work because he couldn’t afford a bus pass.

When Tony first stepped through Interfaith’s doors inquiring about a bus pass, he started talking to case managers and soon realized there were many other additional resources to help him get back on track.

“Interfaith kept me off the street,” said Tony about his experience. “Without Interfaith’s assistance, I don’t know what I would have done.”

A retired Navy veteran, Tony had been renting a room from a couple and their three children in Escondido. The family and Tony shared one bathroom; he often felt uncomfortable due to the lack of privacy. However, once he began to look for an apartment of his own, Tony realized that while he had the money to pay his rent, he was short the necessary security deposit needed to move in.

After talking to Interfaith’s social services team, Tony was able to use the Senior Emergency Fund to obtain the security deposit he needed. Because of the fund, he now rents a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment, which he shares with a roommate. Tony is now happy to report that he is living comfortably, with much more privacy and is able to relax in his own home.

The Senior Emergency Fund isn’t the only resource Tony was able to gain access to while working with Interfaith. He was also able to use Interfaith’s emergency food pantry until his application for CalFresh food stamps was approved. Overall, Tony says that Interfaith has given him the tools necessary to regain his stability and independence, and allow him to live a “healthy and thriving life.”