June 25 at 11:18pm

Congratulations to our Class of 2020!

Javier Muzquiz, better known as Angel, was a senior at El Camino High School in Oceanside. Angel was part of Interaith’s Transitional Youth Academy receiving academic mentorship. Angel was worried about his future. He was missing credits and had a number of classes to make up before graduating. Nevertheless, he was determined to walk at commencement with his classmates. For the better part of the year, it looked like Angel was on track to reach that goal, but as fate would have it, things took a turn for the worst. Angel’s brother passed away after falling victim to gang violence. Angel was very close to his brother and had a difficult time coping with his loss. He missed school for 3 weeks, but knew he had to continue and dedicate his diploma to his brother’s memory. Amidst the new challenges COVID-19 presented, he made good on his promise and did everything in his power to make a better future for himself. After checking in with his teachers, making up all late assignments, completing regular classes, and earning missing credits, Angel graduated with a 3.30 GPA. He is now continuing his education at Mira Costa College, pursuing an Automotive Career, in hopes of opening a mechanical shop of his own. Congratulations to all of Interfaith’s Transitional Youth Academy Class of 2020 Graduates.

The future is brighter because of you.



Interfaith’s Transitional Youth Academy provides long-term case management, academic mentoring, and leadership development for students in need. This program helps youth finish high school, gain employment, and receive training in life skills. Our Case Managers offer behavioral health counseling, as well as career assessment, apprenticeship placements, and financial literacy training. This all-encompassing program gives students family support, such as, basic needs and self-sufficiency services, in order to ensure our students have the opportunity to focus on their education.


Learn more: www.interfaithservices.org/program/employment-economic-development