July 2 at 10:39am

Family finds stability thanks to Interfaith

2015-06-22-15.13.27-copy-1024x683Continuing unemployment rates, coupled with San Diego County’s high cost of living creates significant hurdles for low-income families working towards self-sufficiency. While the economy recovers from the recession, 1 in 4 families still remain below the poverty line. Thankfully, the Family & Social Services Program at Interfaith Community Services helps over 19,000 individuals chart a course towards independence and self-reliance each year.

Lily, a client of Interfaith’s, came to the organization after a friend recommended she apply for an apartment through the Family Housing Program in December 2013. While she was initially forewarned that there was a waitlist for the program, Lily was ecstatic to move into her own apartment with her two children, Lorena (4) and Briana (2) in October 2014.

“We had been living in my parents house,” said Lily. “I didn’t have a job and it wasn’t my own space. It was really hard. I was shocked to find out there was a place like Interfaith to help us get on our feet.”

While settling into their new 2 bedroom home, Lily and her children began attending life-skills workshops and counseling sessions, in addition to working with a case manager. Lily says that learning how to be a parent while in the comfort of her own home made all the difference in her outlook on life.

“I used to be hopeless,” said Lily. “I didn’t know how to be a mom, I didn’t know what I was doing at all. Now, I work hard for them every day.

Today, Lily works as a receptionist at a local smog shop in Escondido and is expecting her third daughter, due in January 2016.

“Now I know there’s someone out there to help us,” said Lily. “That gives me hope for our future. I thank Interfaith every single day.

Interfaith Community Services is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit social services agency. For information on how you can contribute to the organization with either monetary gifts, in-kind donations, or through volunteer work, please contact Interfaith’s Chief Development Officer, Robert Adams, at radams@interfaithservices.org or by calling (760) 489-6380 ext. 206.