San Diego has been selected, along with 68 other U.S. communities, to participate in Zero: 2016, a national campaign to end veteran and chronic homelessness. The Coordinated Assessment and Housing Placement System (CAHP) designed and implemented by 25 Cities San Diego will play a key role in laying the groundwork to meet the national campaign goals. The CAHP system creates coordinated entry points for homeless individuals to be assessed and access services and housing – while prioritizing resources on an individual basis.  It focuses on a person’s specific needs versus fitting a client into a one-size-fits-all program, and replaces previously used methods that were disconnected, confusing and inefficient.

Volunteer Housing Navigators will be assigned individuals/families from the North County Community Coordinator/Project Manager and will attend all case conferencing meetings and other meetings as required. Housing Navigators will provide individualized client support by helping each client develop a plan, making referrals to agencies that provide financial assistance for identification and other fees, completing housing applications, assisting the client in identifying housing preferences, assisting in identifying potential units (for Rapid Re-housing) and advocating with landlords.

Supervising Staff: Megan Dunn, Project Manager 25 Cities North County

Time Commitment:

Key Responsibilities:

Supportive Services

Outreach and Relationship Management

Training and Support:


Screening Requirements:


Contact Micki Hickox, Volunteer Coordinator, to apply