November 29 at 12:00pm

Grace North County organizes a “Big Give” for people in need!

One of Interfaith’s member congregations, Grace North County, has put together a “Big Give” event for Saturday, December 7th from 1pm to 4pm at their campus in Oceanside, California. Everything will be free! Here’s a quick description from their website:

“The Big Give is one way that we can help those in need in North County. On one day in December, we will host an event for people in need to come and get gently used clothing, food and some fun all for FREE, no strings attached!

Want to donate gently used clothing? Do you want to serve at The Big Give? Find out how you can get involved in this community outreach!”

For more details, click here to visit their website.

Our thanks to Grace North County for working so hard to help people in need!