May 2 at 9:34pm

Haven House Client Moves into Her Own Home

IMG_0403When Mary, a native San Diegan, began to experience serious side effects related to her diabetes, it became increasingly harder for her to work and pay her rent. “I was struggling just to keep my head above water for a long time,” said Mary. When she could no longer afford the single room she was renting, Mary moved into a motel where she lived until her savings completely depleted. Not knowing what to do next, she turned to Interfaith after hearing about the Haven House Year-Round Emergency Shelter.

“I came in, talked to the shelter manager and was in a bed that night,” said Mary. “I was just so lucky. It felt like the exact place I was supposed to be in that moment.”

While Mary worked at Walmart during the day and stayed in Haven House at night, she began looking for an apartment with the help of her case manager, Karla.

“It wasn’t sinking in,” said Mary. “No one before had offered to help me, and now Karla and Interfaith were helping me find a home.”

One day, Karla called Mary and asked if she had time later that day to go look at an apartment and speak to the property manager. When they visited the complex that afternoon, Mary answered the manager’s questions about her rental and employment history, signed a few documents, and was told that she would have her own studio in just a few short days.

“It was like a dream,” said Mary. “I kept asking myself ‘Is this really happening?’”

The following week, Mary packed up her bags, moved out of Haven House and into her own apartment in Fallbrook. After a few weeks of settling in, Mary even had a few pieces of furniture delivered to her apartment from Interfaith to help furnish her new home.

“Once I had the keys in my hand, I was like ‘This is it, this is my home,’” said Mary. “Now everyday, I wake up in the morning, pray, and thank the lord for Interfaith. And I can never thank them enough.”