January 13 at 10:42pm

Haven House Provides Stability to Hard-Working Resident

2016-01-13 11.42.24Born in San Diego, Felix was living in Eastlake when he was in a traumatic car accident. Riding his bicycle to work one day, he was struck by a car, leaving Felix with a broken hip and the inability to work. As soon as he was able to, Felix moved to Puerto Rico to be closer to his family as he recuperated from his injuries and got back on his feet.

When he returned to San Diego in July 2015, Felix moved in with his sister in North County. While adjusting to life back in California, he focused on his number one priority: finding a job. After searching and applying for jobs online, Felix went in for an interview at Denny’s in Escondido; he was hired on the spot and was asked to come in for his first shift the next day. Working the night shift, Felix began washing dishes, busing tables and taking out the trash five days a week.

While everything seemed like it was on the right path, Felix’s routine was turned upside down when his sister moved out of her apartment and into a shelter in Oceanside, forcing Felix to live on the streets. “I just needed a place to lay down during the day since I was working nights,” said Felix. “I started sleeping in the park or at the creek for a few hours each day so I could regroup before going back to work.” Eventually, he heard about Interfaith and the new Haven House year-round emergency shelter; Felix soon met with a case manager and moved in the first day the shelter opened: December 23rd, 2015.

“I’m glad that I found Interfaith for shelter,” said Felix. “I didn’t want to jeopardize my job, so I just needed a place to shower and sleep so I could be presentable at work. Right now I’m focusing, staying positive and staying sober.”

While continuing to work at Denny’s and stay in Haven House, Felix’s sights are now set on paying off a few debts he owes and saving up enough money to move into his own place.

“Even though you need to help yourself, Interfaith has helped me a lot too,” said Felix. “I’m doing all that I can right now by being patient and following the rules. Patience is the biggest thing for me right now. I’m really blessed.”