WordPress Basics


How to add, edit or delete a blog post or news

How to upload PDFs, JPGs, ect to Media Library

How to add a new page to the website

How to update Theme Options (logo, footer, etc)

How to update the menu

How to add or edit other site admins

How to add header text

How to add a link

How to link a PDF

How to add and format an image in a page

Custom Site Features

How to Update the Homepage

How to Update the Footer of the Website

How to Update the Main Slider on Homepage

How to Create a New Internal Page

How to Edit the About Page

How to Add a Link to the About Section Boxes

How to Add and Edit Program Pages

How to Add and Edit Faith Centers

How to Add Events (and feature one on the homepage)

How to Add and Edit Testimonials/ Success Stories

How to Update and Add Main Menu Items

How to Update the Programs Drop Down Menu

How to Update Featured Area and Image in Drop Down Menu (Advanced) 

How to Create and Edit Contact Forms (Advanced)