April 16 at 3:40pm

Housing 1000: Amber’s Story

Amber with her daughter, Rayne.

Jacob and Amber, both Escondido natives, came to Interfaith as a young, newly married couple who had just welcomed their first daughter, Rayne, into their lives. At the time, Amber (19) and Jacob (23) found themselves unemployed and without a stable home to raise their daughter. While they were eager to succeed, neither had ever lived outside of their respective families’ homes. They were unfamiliar with how to maintain a clean, well-functioning household and needed guidance as to how to start building a life for their family.

With the help of their case manager, Jacob and Amber moved into Interfaith’s transitional family housing program and began their respective searches for employment. With mentoring, coaching, and counseling they both quickly became employed, dropping their daughter off at day-care in the mornings and diligently taking public transportation to and from work each day.

“We weren’t good parents, nor where we a good couple before we got started with Interfaith,” said Amber. “Without Interfaith and its staff, we wouldn’t be the adults or parents we are today.”

As a result of the employment development services they received, Jacob secured a position as a DMV Specialist at AAA, and Amber as a cashier at Harrah’s Casino. The couple also successfully completed life skills trainings, as well as both individual and marriage counseling. Through it all, Jacob and Amber remained dedicated to the program and motivated to create a better life for their family.

“In counseling we began to see all the people that were having negative effects on our lives and realized that we were the best support for each other,” commented Amber.

By the time Jacob and Amber were ready to move out of the transitional housing program, they became eligible for a Section 8 voucher to help afford permanent housing. To date, they say one of their biggest accomplishments has been learning how to save their money and create a budget – skills that recently helped them buy their first car together and rely less upon public transportation.

“Without this program, we wouldn’t be where we are today,” said Amber. “We’re not perfect, but we are so much better off than we’ve ever been.”

Jacob and Amber’s journey is just one example of how the Housing 1000 program changes lives. To learn about how you can get involved and contribute to the campaign today, please contact Robert Adams, Chief Development Officer, at radams@interfaithservices.org or by calling (760) 489-6380 ext. 206.