November 29 at 9:16pm

Housing 1,000 in Action: Victoria’s Story

So many of us are one missing paycheck away from experiencing homelessness. Within weeks, a family living comfortably in their own apartment may find themselves living day by day in an overpriced motel. Soon thereafter, this family may find themselves homeless, living in a car, struggling to escape the cycle of homelessness. This is what happened to Victoria and her son.

Before coming to Interfaith, this narrative rang true for Victoria. She experienced a series of both personal and professional stressors including ultimately losing her job, which quickly snowballed into her no longer being able to afford rent and becoming homeless. “Once you are homeless and living out of your car, things become very complicated,” said Victoria. “Basic human needs and survival become the priority.”

Victoria was initially referred to Interfaith by 2-1-1 when she and her son were first on the cusp of homelessness. Once they, along with their cat and dog, began sleeping in their car, Victoria started working with an Interfaith case manager to find permanent housing, as well as employment opportunities. “Our case manager became our personal cheerleader,” said Victoria. “She cheered us on when things got tough, she was there when we were feeling vulnerable, and especially so when we were afraid. We are forever grateful.”

With Interfaith’s support and assistance, Victoria and her son found a cozy and affordable two-bedroom apartment in Oceanside, through Interfaith’s Rapid Rehousing program. They moved into their new apartment in early November, and spent two nights in their unfurnished home.

Like many individuals and families escaping homelessness, Victoria did not have the resources to build a comfortable home for her and her son. Thankfully Interfaith’s Make-It-A-Home program delivered essential household items to Victoria’s new apartment, such as new beds, furniture, lamps, and “Make It a Home” kits including kitchen and bathroom supplies and bedroom linens.

Through Interfaith, Victoria received a range of assistance including case management, short-term bridge housing, move-in expense coverage, rental assistance, and Make-It-A-Home furnishings. Victoria and her son now live in their own stable and secure apartment that they can happily call home.

“Interfaith Community Services provides services to help individuals work towards self-sufficiency. They don’t do it for you. They do it with you. This approach helps individuals regain their sense of independence, dignity, and confidence back. Something that is often lost while living with chronic homelessness.”


For more information about Interfaith’s Housing 1000 campaign and how you can get involved, please contact Robert Adams, Chief Development Officer, by clicking here or calling (760) 489-6380 ext. 206.