February 5 at 3:40pm

Housing 1000 in Action: Kimberly’s Story

When Kimberly and two sons moved to San Diego from Omaha, Nebraska, she never could have imagined the turn her family’s lives would take. After settling into their home in North County, Kimberly developed painful carpal tunnel in her wrists and had to leave her administrative position with Lawrence Welk Resort. Unemployed, Kimberly’s saving dwindled quickly and as a single mother, she could no longer afford her rent. With no where else to go, she and her two sons were forced to live in their car while Kimberly figured out their next steps.

Not long after, Kimberly was at a local grocery store and while talking with an employee about their situation, it was recommended that her family visit Interfaith for additional nutritional support, access to showers, and potential housing connections. When she couldn’t be placed in an apartment right away, Interfaith connected Kimberly and her sons with the Interfaith Rotational Shelter, a small rotating shelter operated by faith communities that provides housing for families for up to two weeks at each location; all housing services in this shelter network are provided by faith community volunteers.

“Everyone was so supportive,” said Kimberly. “They put their hearts and souls into helping us get our lives back on track.”

Nearing the end of their time in the rotational shelter, Kimberly was contacted by a case manager at Interfaith to see if she was interested in moving her family into a newly available transitional housing apartment in Escondido. “When I got that call, I just couldn’t believe it,” said Kimberly. “It was the blessing we had been waiting for.”

While Kimberly and her sons waited for the apartment to be move-in ready, Interfaith provided them with motel vouchers to keep a roof over their heads until they could get into their new home. When the time finally came for them to move in, an even bigger surprise awaited Kimberly and her sons: the apartment was completely furnished, due to the generous supporters of Interfaith’s Make-It-A-Home donation program.

“Everything we could have ever wanted was in that apartment,” said Kimberly. “Dishes, silverware, beds, living room furniture, lamps, dressers – everything. If it wasn’t for what was already in there, we would’ve just moved in with the clothes on our backs. Interfaith isn’t just a community, they are a family. They gave us every possible resource they could to help us get back to self-sufficiency.”

Kimberly and her family’s journey is just one example of how the Housing 1000 program changes lives. To learn about how you can get involved and contribute to the campaign today, please contact Robert Adams, Chief Development Officer, at radams@interfaithservices.org or by calling (760) 489-6380 ext. 206.