September 30 at 10:22am

Hunger Action Month

Stamp-Out-Hunger-collection-at-Interfaith-Community-Services-300x168The Escondido City Council recently commended Interfaith Community Services and the Hunger Advocacy Network for their efforts to eliminate hunger and improve access to nutritious and healthy food among low-income residents. As a partner in the Hunger Advocacy Network, Interfaith’s dedicated staff worked tirelessly to gain the support of the City of Escondido to recognize the need to end hunger.  These joint efforts recently culminated in the City of Escondido issuing a Proclamation declaring September as Hunger Action Month.

While Interfaith’s Director of Basic Needs can often be found unloading food donations and serving hot meals in the Soup Kitchen, Jerry Morgan is also a leader in local advocacy efforts to raise awareness of the nutritional needs of low income families.  Mr. Morgan’s dedication to eliminating hunger is a personal one, “I find it unacceptable that one in six Americans and 1 in 4 children are currently experiencing food insecurity. In our country, no parent, child, veteran or homeless resident should have to go to bed hungry.”

Interfaith applauds the commitment of the City of Escondido for declaring September as Hunger Action Month.  Interfaith looks forward to collaborating with the Hunger Advocacy Network and the City of Escondido to build support for efforts to end hunger and increase access to healthy and nutritious foods.