August 28 at 9:34pm

Interfaith Helps Army Veteran Launch Security Career

IMG_1585Interfaith is committed to helping veterans find sustainable employment opportunities. We network with local employers and vocational training programs, as well as provide coaching to help our nations heroes become job ready. Examples of these services include work readiness trainings, resume preparation, job search assistance and access to our computer labs in both Escondido and Oceanside.

Thomas, an Army veteran, became familiar with Interfaith’s veteran employment program just this last June, when a friend recommend he learn more about the subsidized guard card training program.  “I figured I would’ve been a fool for not looking into something like this,” said Thomas. “And I’m just so lucky that I did.”

After signing up for the guard card certificate program, Thomas quickly finished the training within two weeks – learning CPR, firearms and taser training, how to verbally diffuse a situation, and many other additional skills necessary for his future career.  “The program got me feeling like I was part of something again,” said Thomas. “That feeling of belonging to a group was something I missed about the military and working in security gave me that back.”

Once he realized how much he enjoyed getting back into the classroom, Thomas began to seek out additional trainings to give him a step up when applying for jobs; that’s when he found the High Threat Protection Program at Mira Costa Community College. A three part, 19-day program, Thomas went through rigorous trainings on medical attention, executive and corporate protection, and high-threat situations.  Thanks to the support he received through Interfaith’s veteran employment program, Thomas was able to get two of the three sections paid for.

“These are skills I’ll use throughout my career,” said Thomas. “I feel so much more prepared headed out into work than I ever did before. And that’s all thanks to Interfaith getting the ball rolling and taking care of that first guard card training.”

Since completing his latest program at Mira Costa, Thomas is now applying for jobs both in the private and public sectors, as well as overseas. “I definitely feel like I’m in a much better place,” said Thomas.  “At the end of the day, I have accomplished so much.”

To learn more about Interfaith’s Employment programs for veterans and non-veterans, please click here.