November 7 at 11:18pm

Interfaith helps Oceanside local reunite with daughter


Jason, an Oceanside native, had been working as a diesel mechanic for over sixteen years, when he was involved in a car accident and sustained a serious leg injury. Unable to work, he lost his job and eventually, his home and custody of his daughter, Chloe.

After moving into Operation Hope’s shelter in Vista, Jason was connected with Interfaith.  Needing legal advice for the open child protection services case for his daughter, he started working with Interfaith’s Homeless Court advocates on his case. He also knew that in order to regain custody, he would need to look for employment, so Jason visited Interfaith’s Oceanside Service Center for assistance with his resume and to look for job leads.

“Coming here, they helped me with all kinds of stuff,” said Jason. “Ultimately, by helping me with my resume, they helped me get a job.”

With Interfaith’s help, Jason was not only able to retain custody of his daughter, but also secure a full-time job with Metro Movers, where he delivers care packages to newly-sold homes. In addition, Jason was able to move out of the shelter and into the home of friends he made while Operation Hope, bringing Chloe with him. While living with friends, Jason has started working with one of Interfaith’s housing case managers and hopes to move both himself and Chloe into their own apartment as soon as January 2017.

“Without Interfaith, I don’t know where I would be,” said Jason. “Interfaith was truly a godsend.”

Now that he has a stable job and home for his daughter, Jason is also looking forward to taking business classes at the Vista Adult School next year, where he plans to study management. “Interfaith was such a huge help, I tell people all the time to come here so they can get help too,” said Jason.