March 9 at 7:24pm

Interfaith helps teacher return to the classroom

America is privileged to field the best-trained military force in the world. However, some veterans find their skills don’t immediately transfer to a civilian job market. Others face severe challenges adjusting to civilian life, and many are coping with the debilitating effects of injuries and disabilities.

Andre, a Navy veteran, moved to San Diego after going through a divorce and needing a new place to start over. A former high school government teacher and coach back in Missouri, Andre was interested in re-entering the classroom once he relocated, but wasn’t sure where to start.

“I had been stuck in a loop,” said Andre. “This gave me the confidence to move forward and have a fresh start.”

Andre joined Interfaith’s veteran on-the-job training program and immediately started receiving assistance in his job search. He worked with staff to update his resume, started attending one-on-one job coaching sessions, as well as intensive interview preparation.

“It was so helpful,” said Andre. “Once I went through the program, things just started working out.”

After successfully completing the program, having his own classroom again is now a very real possibility. Today, Andre is studying to take his California teaching credential exams and has been in talks with a montessori school in Vista, where he should have his own classroom in the fall semester. He is also currently building his savings and hopes to find his own home in the Oceanside area over the summer.

“For a long time, I was stagnant,” said Andre. “Now everything is starting to happen again for me. It all just turned around and now, I couldn’t be more excited.”

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