September 29 at 4:46pm

Interfaith Pledges 1,000 Off Streets this Year

At our September 27th Annual Meeting, Interfaith Community Services CEO Greg Anglea announced our plan to move 1,000 people from homelessness to housing this fiscal year.
Last year, Interfaith successfully moved 538 individuals off the streets, into their own apartments – ending their homelessness. Greg cited the increasing state of crisis around homelessness, the clear will of the community to come to action, and the proven success of Interfaith’s self-sufficiency model for housing these hundreds of formerly homeless individuals and families. While last year we helped those 538 get off the streets, Greg called upon the larger community to help make this year’s goal a reality for 1,000 men, women, children, Veterans, youth, seniors, and disabled adults currently living and dying on our streets.
The San Diego Union Tribune published an op-ed on September 29 from Greg on this subject. You can read that here.
In order to realize this ambitious goal, Interfaith Community Services needs YOUR help. There are three ways you can get involved:
  • Donate cash to move an individual or family off the streets and into their own home. DONATE HERE and select “Housing” from the drop-down menu
  • Volunteer in direct service or donate household items to our “Make It A Home” program for newly housed neighbors who often lack basic household supplies
  • Refer property managers who would like to rent at market-rate to individuals and families who have the benefit of a wrap-around support structure at Interfaith. Rapid Rehousing Program Manager Jeri Bachman can share more about the benefits and financial incentives we can offer for landlords. She can be reached at 760-489-6380 x246 or via email by clicking here.
Help Interfaith Community Services end homelessness for 1,000 people this year. With your help we can do this!
If you would like to learn more about this goal, or if you would like Interfaith to speak to your faith community, service club, or business, please contact Interfaith CEO Greg Anglea, 760-489-6380 x230 or via email by clicking here.