August 27 at 1:25pm

Interfaith receives mini-grant from San Marcos Community Foundation to help seniors in need live independently

Interfaith’s effort to help seniors in San Marcos got a boost recently thanks to a $1,500 mini-grant awarded by the San Marcos Community Foundation.

The grant will help provide low-income San Marcos seniors with the assistance they need to live independently, remaining in their homes as long as possible. It also provides flexibility for individual assessments and case management for San Marcos seniors in need of emergency financial assistance and/or minor home repairs.

Interfaith’s senior emergency fund granted temporary financial assistance to 19 seniors in crisis over the past year, three of them in San Marcos. Another 225 minor home repairs, 53 in San Marcos, helped to allow aging residents to remain safely in their homes.

Emergency funds allocated by Interfaith have helped assist a homeless woman pay her first month’s rent and security deposit, allowing her to move into an apartment. Another senior received help with her phone bill and medical insurance payments after a financial scam cost her $8,000. These kinds of assistance can often make a major impact in the life of seniors who are struggling to get by.

Minor home repairs performed for seniors include building access ramps, installing grab bars, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, minor plumbing and electrical work and installation of window screens.

Interfaith is grateful for the generosity of the San Marcos Senior Foundation! We couldn’t possibly provide for seniors in need without the help of community partners like SMCF.