June 27 at 7:40pm

Interfaith Teams Up With Metro College To Find Jobs For Veterans

Aaron, Greg and Eva pose with Metro coaches Max (far left) and Tami (far right) at the graduation ceremony
Aaron, Greg and Eva pose with Metro coaches Max (far left) and Tami (far right) at the graduation ceremony

On Monday, June 27th, Interfaith celebrated three of its veteran clients who recently completed a pilot Job Readiness Training program out of our Oceanside office.

Facilitated by Metro College Online, the participants – Aaron, Greg and Eva – completed 12 hours of one-on-one instructional training, in which they learned resume building skills, dressing for success, the ins and outs of searching for jobs online, and more. Following the initial training period, the group completed 16 hours of hands-on coaching, where mentors helped Aaron, Greg and Eva look for jobs, took them shopping for interview-appropriate clothing, set up mock practice interviews and helped them place follow-up calls after interviews. At the end of the three-week program, Interfaith is happy to report that both Aaron and Greg have secured employment, while Eva is on-track to begin working within the week.

“Working with veterans is unique because they are very committed,” said Joe Molina, founder of Metro College Online. “They gave 100% each and every class.”

Metro College Online adapted the curriculum they regularly use on college campuses and at corporate trainings to suit the needs of Interfaith’s veteran clients, based on the barriers to employment they were each facing. “It’s a tiered program that we can tailor based on what each participant needs,” said Joe. “Our job is to meet people where they’re at in their job search.”

During the ceremony, each participant was given a certificate of recognition for completing the program and was asked to say a few words about their experience.

“There were so many outstanding moments in the program,” said Aaron. “I’m just very appreciative of this opportunity to learn from such fantastic coaches.”

Greg, who is now employed at Vista Industrial Products, Inc., recommends this program for everyone: “It was such a big help. They helped me with my resume, took me shopping, helped get an interview, and in the end got me a job. It’s a blessing.”

Interfaith thanks Metro College Online for working with our veterans and helping them secure employment. We hope to continue to work with the Metro team and build upon the training program in the future!