May 6 at 4:02pm

John Gets His Jacket


Three smiling chefs: Bill Lewis, Head Chef at Interfaith – John’s mentor and staff supervisor; John Brouwer, Volunteer – Novice Chef realizing his dream; Gerry Bedard, Volunteer – Accomplished chef, colleague, and dream-builder!

A Special Jacket Presentation from one EXTRAORDINARY volunteer to another!

Gerry is a top-notch chef who volunteers at Interfaith annually making Thanksgiving Eve, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Eve dinners for those in need in our community. He is now at Interfaith substituting for a staff chef and during this time started working with volunteer chef’s aide, John. They became confidants and John shared with Gerry one of his dreams — all he’s ever wanted was to be a chef.

That’s all John had to say for Gerry to ensure his dream came true. Gerry got a chef’s jacket for John, created a certificate of excellence, and presented him with both today. When he did, the JOY from John was tangible throughout Interfaith’s Margaret R. Freund Family Nutrition Center. What a proud moment when Gerry pinned John’s volunteer badge on his jacket! These two men have the BIGGEST hearts imaginable. How lucky we are to have them at Interfaith sharing so much love, respect, and dreams!!!