September 1 at 7:38pm

Local student gives back to other children in need


The following article about Hannah, a new (and young!) donor of Interfaith’s, was written and submitted by her mother, Lacie.

Several months ago, Hannah (aged 7) decided she wanted to do something to help other children who weren’t as fortunate as she. As her parents, we told her that was a great idea and talked about various ideas that she could do. Ultimately, Hannah decided she wanted to raise money first and then do something with the money she raised. It was her own idea to have a garage sale, selling the clothes she had outgrown or toys she no longer played with, with all the money going to a charity of her choice.

Hannah gathered the items from her room. While mom took care of advertising the garage sale, Hannah manned it, taking money and giving change as needed. She made $60 simply selling her things she no longer needed! She wasn’t convinced that was enough money, so Hannah began asking friends and family for donations. After receiving several donations, she was left with deciding how to use the money. We looked at donating to charities that help children from afar but really liked the idea of helping children locally.

Upon checking out Interfaith’s website, we saw a couple different opportunities that piqued Hannah’s interest. A quick call to Interfaith verified the need for Backpacks for a Cause. Hannah was excited to shop for local kids, finding 6 backpacks and filling them with school supplies and a couple fun items. She had a hand in picking out all the items and then helped stuff the bags so they were ready to go!

Upon asking her how she felt about doing this project, Hannah said, “It feels really good to help others!”

 And we’re really proud of her too!

For information on how you can get involved with a volunteer project for Interfaith, please click here or email Micki Hickox, Volunteer Coordinator.