June 14 at 6:49pm

Media Alert: Interfaith Announces New Podcast – “Homeless in San Diego”

San Diego, CA (June 14, 2018) – Interfaith Community Services is excited to announce that it has launched a new platform for sharing the stories of San Diego’s homeless community: a podcast entitled “Homeless in San Diego: Real People, Real Stories.”


Interviews available with Interfaith CEO and podcast host, Greg Anglea, as well as the formerly homeless guests featured on the podcast’s first two episodes.

“Homeless in San Diego” was created by Interfaith Community Services in conjunction with Voice of San Diego in an effort to shine a light on the epidemic of homelessness across our county. While homeless community members are often typecast and misunderstood, Interfaith’s goal is to provide a platform for the men, women, and children experiencing homelessness to share their stories and help those who are not homeless to understand how they found themselves without a roof over their heads.

In each episode, Interfaith CEO and podcast host Greg Anglea is joined by an industry expert, as well as a formerly homeless individual or family. Listeners are also provided with a clear call-to-action at the end of every episode, compelling them to get involved to end homelessness in their communities.


“Our goal here is to humanize homelessness and share the stories of the individuals and families currently living on the streets of our communities,” said Greg Anglea. “So many of us are one paycheck, one injury, or one tragedy away from not having a roof over our heads. This podcast is meant to connect people looking for a way to help with the real stories of people who have lived through homelessness and come through on the other side to lead happy, health, and thriving lives.”

To listen to the first two episodes of “Homeless in San Diego: Real People, Real Stories,” listeners can visit www.homelessinsandiego.org and click the “LISTEN” button at the top of the page. The podcast can also be found in the iTunes podcast app, by searching “Homeless in San Diego.”