March 28 at 8:32am

New donated dishwasher helps ICS kitchen work smarter

A new professional heavy-duty dishwasher is making things easier for workers in the nutrition center in Escondido.

Two anonymous donors contributed a combined gift of $13,000 to purchase the machine. The Hobart dishwasher cycles more quickly and more efficiently sanitizes and dries the dishes than the previous model, said Jerry Morgan, food and basic needs manager.

“The old dishwasher leaked all over the floor (creating a safety hazard), and since it used a chemical sanitizer instead of ultra hot water, the dishes came out wet and had to be dried with towels,” said Morgan. “Especially in the morning soup kitchen, it has been a big help in getting dishes and pots and pans washed much quicker and come out much dryer.”

Bob Adams, Interfaith’s development director, obtained the donations after asking Morgan if the kitchen needed any new equipment. The new dishwasher was installed just before last Thanksgiving.

With 200 hot meals being served daily to homeless individuals and veterans living at Merle’s Place, and another 150 sack lunches a day also being prepared, having the new machine has made a difference.

“Everyone likes it because it is quicker, they don’t have to dry the dishes and it doesn’t leak,” said Morgan.