February 22 at 10:06pm

North County Quilters’ Association continues legacy with Interfaith

The North County Quilters’ Association stopped by Interfaith this week for a tour & to drop off another beautiful quilt donation. The Association has been donating over 100 quilts a year to Interfaith for the last ten years – totaling an incredible 1,000 quilts donated since our partnership began! The Association boasts over 100 members and meets monthly in Escondido; they also have donated a portion of the profits from their quilt sales to Interfaith over the years. Their donated quilts have been used in our Haven House Year-Round Emergency Shelter, family housing programs, and distributed to walk-in clients in need.

Interfaith thanks The North County Quilters’ Association for their support of Interfaith, our clients, and the community at large! Their talents and generosity have gone a long way in making members of our community feel more at home thanks to their gifts.

Interested in learning about how your club, group, or association can get involved with Interfaith? Contact Micki Hickox, Volunteer Coordinator, via email at mhickox@interfaithservices.org or by calling (760) 489-6380.