January 28 at 10:08am

Nutrition and Basic Needs Client Success Story

2015-01-12-15.59.24One of the first ways Interfaith Community Services helps vulnerable community members achieve self-sufficiency is through our Nutrition and Basic Needs Program, which provides emergency food supplies, hot morning meals, computer access, as well as shower and laundry facilities.

Jessica and Jacob both came to Interfaith separately, before they were a couple, seeking food and employment assistance. “We didn’t need a handout,” Jessica commented. “We just needed to catch a break.” Jessica credits the Nutrition and Basic Needs Program for providing essential emergency food supplies to help feed her family as she worked to gain employment and overcome periods of homelessness.

Jessica also praises Interfaith for helping her secure three of the last jobs she has held, including her current full-time employment at Lowe’s Home Improvement. Jacob reports he was constantly using Interfaith’s employment services computer lab to brush up his resume, look for jobs online, and practice interview skills before landing his full-time job at a local bakery.

“We had lost pretty much everything – and then we found Interfaith,” said Jacob. “At first, we had no idea this many services were available to us, but we continued to use this organization as a tool and we kept getting better.”

While both Jacob and Jessica independently worked with Interfaith’s programs to achieve their goals of self-sufficiency, they unexpectedly met, married, and became parents to a baby girl. Soon after, they enrolled in Interfaith’s Family Housing program to secure stable housing for their growing family as they worked to gain employment stability. They were diligent in saving, putting away every paycheck towards their new home. They also learned ways to become a stronger family through individual and couples counseling. Six months later, they were able to move into their first apartment with their two children.

“We are each other’s biggest motivators and have always kept our chins up,” said Jessica, “but we couldn’t have done it without Interfaith. I am so thankful for what I have and so grateful for everything we’ve been given.”

Today, Jessica and Jacob are settling into their new three-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment and are considering several volunteer opportunities with Interfaith to give back to the organization they say has given them so much. “We plan on keeping Interfaith in our lives for as long as possible,” reports Jacob.

While Jessica and Jacob thank Interfaith for their success, Interfaith remains grateful to supporters of the Nutrition and Basic Needs Program. Most recently, a grant from the Genentech Foundation empowered Interfaith to continue providing nutritional assistance to vulnerable families. Interfaith thanks the Genentech Foundation for their support of efforts to end hunger in San Diego’s North County region, as well as for their dedication to helping families achieve self-sufficiency.