Adam, 11th grade



Adam is a high school junior. Adam has been working at a restaurant for about four months now. Adam is hoping to be financially dependent and pay for his own expenses. Adam expresses he has hard working parents; however he must help his siblings and their grandchildren financially. Adam has seen and understands how hard it is for his parents to take care of everything he needs and this is the main reason why he got a job.

During the pandemic he had a difficult time staying connected with school and his peers. Adam stated that he felt like he lost himself during that time and lost interest in hobbies that he once had. Once back at school, he started working out and was slowly trying to rebuild himself. Adam has stated that he is working on finding himself again and gaining back his self-esteem and self- confidence, through being open with his parents about how hard the transition has been going back to school.

Adam now is very much involved in sports and other extracurricular activities. He started being able to do events outside of school through Interfaith’s TYA field trips; they have have helped him be more social. Adam really enjoyed going to the Padres game. Adam is working on raising and maintaining his grades which has been difficult to do in order to try out for the school’s soccer team and aim to make the varsity team. Soccer has always been an outlet for Adam to be himself and to distress.