Eduardo, 10th Grade



Eduardo is a high school sophomore who lives with both parents and has two siblings. Dad works full-
time and works overtime when it is available to be able to pay bills and rent. Mom is currently
unemployed due to being half paralyzed of her body and not being able to do daily activities. Due to his
mother current disability, Case Manager has been helping Mother fill out forms and application to help
get a disabled public transportation bus pass. Mother is having a hard time paying for her monthly bus
pass and it is imperative to obtain it in order to accompany Eduardo to his future appointments. For
example, Eduardo was diagnosed in school for needing prescription glasses. Eduardo and his family were
not able to cover the cost of doctor’s exam and a pair of glasses. Case Manager assisted Eduardo with
obtaining a free pair of prescription glasses however has been struggling on obtaining them due to
having to use public transportation. Eduardo is very caring towards his mother that when he is working
with his Case Manager, he asks for help to better support mom in her current state. Eduardo has
expressed assistance in getting their basic needs met as well. This school year Eduardo is learning how
to skateboard and is very excited as he has signed up to take a Skate PE class.