Eliza, 10th Grade



Eliza is a high school sophomore who lives with her parents and older sister. Eliza’s father is the only parent who works due to her mother’s epilepsy attacks. Last year’s transition from Middle School to High School was not the easiest. She was not only moving from Middle School but also moving from districts. This transition caused her to lose the friends and community she had in middle school. Eliza has been also dealing with bullying due to her outbreaks of eczema. Eliza disclosed when she is under a lot of pressure or is nervous, she has anxiety attacks and her eczema flares up.
Interfaith Transitional Youth Academy has been a great place for her to connect with other students, and to provide her with a place to be during lunch. She is working hard to maintain her grades and also balancing making friends in her classes. Eliza has also stated that she is happy that Interfaith Transitional Youth Academy is able to do community outings, like the Padres game; it has given her the opportunity to socialize with other students. Eliza has started working out and doing more self-care, putting her mental and emotional health as a high priority.