Family #19: Married couple and senior mom



Married couple and senior mom

Leah was homeless for many years, even though she was homeless and has a long history of physical and mental health issues she still volunteered for programs in the Pacific Beach area where she eat, showed and was able to maintained clean until she was recently house with the help of Interfaith Community Services. Leah is very friendly and tries her best to see the positive side in everything on a daily basis. Her vehicle recently was stolen that she has not been able to volunteer. Leah loves listening to music and taking pictures, she loves and and fashions.

Name: Leah

Age: 60
Gender: Female

Likes art and fashion, loves to wear long dresses and high heels. Favorite colors are black, dark brown and forest green.

Clothing Wishlist:
Medium or size 8 in dresses, size 8 in shoes

Gift Ideas:
Camera to take pictures, Laptop or iPad to write stories, Perfumes, Makeup, Long Dresses, High heels, Victoria Secrets and Bath & Body Works products. Gift Certificates if possible.

Family Pets

Cat (emotional service pet). Cat would enjoy toys and food.

Name: Daniel

Age: 32
Gender: Male

Likes listening to music, watching TV and Sports. No clothing requested

Gift Ideas: Small TV, Radio, Gift Cards and Football.

Name: Daughter-in-Law (requested anonymity)

Age: 30
Gender: Female

Fashions, Art and listening to music. Favorite colors are Pink and Purple

Clothing Wishlist:
Medium size, size 8 shoes

Gift Ideas:
Perfumes, makeup, Victoria Secrets and gift certificates