Family #3



Name: Marlene

Age: 61

Gender: Female

Veteran or Military No

Favorites/Interests: Marlene’s favorite color is Purple. She enjoys spending time with her 3 cats (Support

emotional pets).

Clothing Wishlist: Tennis Shoes and slippers size 8 1/2. Leggings and Pj’s (purple) size large.

Gift Ideas: Bath & Body Works items, Gift certificates for Victoria Secrets for hand lotions and perfumes.

Family Pets: Has 3 cats. Anything for her 3 cats, food, treats and toys

Name: Jerry

Age: 53

Gender: Male

Veteran or Military? No

Favorites/Interests: His favorite colors are blue, brown and green.

Clothing Wishlist: Men size Medium in T-shirts and Jackets. Personal hygiene products for men, men

soaps and shampoo for men.

Gift Ideas: Laptop, small typewriter, pens, journal books and gift cards.