Lily, Senior



Lily is a high school senior. Lily lives with parents and younger brother. Father works at restaurant and Mother works at a factory. Lily recently has been working on the weekends at the same restaurant with her dad in order to pay for her own personal items. Lily states there has always been a financial instability in their home due to her parents constantly separating for long periods of time. As Lily was growing up she would see her parents in physical altercations and is the reason why they separated the last time due to domestic violence. Lily disclosed she grew up in a strict catholic family and she herself is very much involved in her church and volunteers. Due to her parents’ strict religious views they no longer have a relationship with Lily’s older sister who recently came out to their family as being gay. It has been extremely hard for Lily to have communication with her sister and see her due to her parents not welcoming her in their house anymore. Lily continues to work hard in school and graduating with honors and figuring out what degree she wants to pursue in college.