Mark, 11th Grade



Mark is currently a junior and this is his second year in the TYA program. The start of his junior year did not come without its challenges. A month into his junior year Mark sadly had a cousin with whom he had a close relationship with pass away. As unfortunate of an event this was, it did lead to taking a week-long road trip to Oregon to celebrate a life lost too soon. It was also a way to connect with his family from all over the United States that he does not get a chance to see very often.

Having these moments with his family was priceless for Mark. His family dynamic on a day to day basis looks a lot different. He comes from a single parent household and he is the oldest now of 3 children after his mother welcomed a baby boy into the world recently with her boyfriend. As excited he is to have a new baby brother it is also bittersweet because they will not be living as a family under the same roof. Mark mother and the baby will be living with the boyfriend while Mark and his sister will be living with their grandparents. Mark and his sister have been living with their grandparents since his mother was first diagnosed with having a mental illness. This has to him having a very close relationship with his sister and he considers her his best friend.

Mark’s future career path is one in the medical field, specifically wanting to become a RN and eventually transition into becoming a rehab counselor. Helping people and being a good role model for his siblings are something he takes great pride in.