Mikayla, Senior



Mikayla is a high school senior. She was born and raised in Los Angeles and it wasn’t until recently she moved to Oceanside with her grandparents. Mikayla had previously been in foster care before grandma was granted custody about two years ago and is the reason she moved. Mikayla states that they have regular visits from a social worker that checks-in on her and how she is doing. Mikayla’s father was recently sent to prison again and is used to having him being in and out of her life. Mikayla did not want to share the reason her parents lost custody of her but states it was for the best. Mikayla found it difficult to keep her grades up when she moved due to everything being so different and having to adapt to a new lifestyle. Mikayla is so grateful for her grandparents but has been financially difficult on herself and grandparents. Both grandparents are old and are not able to work anymore. Mikayla and her grandparents currently are financially supported by her grandparent’s retirement. Mikayla has been able to complete Interfaith Transitional Youth Academy summer internships for two summers now and has been able to cover some of her expenses. Mikayla now continues maintain good grades and is excited to graduate.