Yazmin, 11th Grade



Yazmin is a junior attending high school. She has hard working migrant parents. Both parents have been
working for a roofing company for many years. Yazmin’s sibling who graduated last year from High
School is now helping with finances and works with parents for the same roofing company. Siblings state
how occasionally their parents have Sundays off but it’s rare. With parents working endless hours they
feel sometimes they don’t receive enough attention and support. This past year has been financially
difficult for the family too since her grandpa moved in with them. Grandpa recently had heart surgery
and is unable to walk or take care of himself. Yazmin’s mom takes care of him and has not been able to
work and help contribute in paying for bills. Interfaith Transitional Youth Academy Program has
supported the family by providing emergency food and hygiene items when needed. Their Case
Manager has been helping Yazmin cope with the loss of her grandma and cousin at the beginning of last
school year and during summer. Yazmin also completed Interfaith TYA paid summer internship over the
summer while also managing summer school to catch up on credits.