July 27 at 11:29pm

Remembering the late Martin “Sully” Farfel

Longtime volunteer, Martin “Sully” Farfel, was a true example of the soul of volunteerism at Interfaith. He spent over eight years volunteering in Interfaith’s Escondido food pantry, providing families in need with emergency food supplies. Sully showed up each Wednesday morning with a strong desire to help his neighbors in need, and a positive attitude and level-headedness that his colleagues appreciated.

“Sometimes it’s hard to maintain that kind of attitude all the time given the high demand and busyness of the pantry, but Sully never ever turned anyone down, or provided food without the friendliest smile”, said Rob Shover, In-kind Donations Manager. Sully’s compassion and selflessness extended beyond his work with Interfaith clients; he would literally give the shirt off his back to anyone who needed (or wanted) it. In fact, one day he showed up for his volunteer shift with a nice polo shirt on. Rob complimented the shirt a few times and the very next week Sully came in to the pantry with the shirt wrapped in his hand- a gift for Rob. “That was the kind of guy he was- just so thoughtful, so kind,” said Rob.

Sully reminds us that the smallest gesture can change a life, and leave a lasting impression. Thank you to the friends and family of Sully who continue to pay tribute to his passion for helping others by making donations to Interfaith. Sully was integral part of the Interfaith family, and his name will certainly live on for many years to come.