November 1 at 2:46pm

The Family Housing Program throws a Harvest Party!

Costumed kids and appreciative moms from family housing programs enjoyed a festive atmosphere at the eighth annual Interfaith Community Services Harvest Festival Halloween Party.

The Oct. 29 event at the Ray M. Dickinson Wellness Center in Escondido was open to past and current residents of Interfaith’s family housing programs. About 60 people attended, each able to choose costumes from a large number of options spread out on tables at the festival. They then could enjoy a meal of hot dogs, chili, and a variety of snacks, while playing games ranging from ring toss and beanbag tic-tac-toe to the chance to stick their hands in various gooey substances while trying to identify what scary items sat at the bottom of the buckets.

Among the most popular activities was a cakewalk – similar to musical chairs – in which winning participants received their choice of a cake baked by Interfaith staff members or interns. Andrea, a former family housing resident who brought her 12-year-old son, picked a white cake when her number was called. “I love this festival. I’ve been here twice,” said Andrea, now a full-time student living in her own place. “I like that all the kids get a chance to get together and play.”

When 3-year-old Hailey, dressed as a prin- cess and chewing a hot dog, was asked if she was having a good time, she simply replied, “mmmm-hmmm.” Hailey’s mom, Bianca, was also enjoying the gathering. “My favorite part was the cakewalk. I won twice,” she said. “One is chocolate (decorated) with bats, and a white cake.”

It’s great. It’s safe, and it gets all the families together

For Pam, a former family housing resident attending with her son, Keenan, 8, who was wearing a Spyro (superhero) costume, seeing familiar faces was a highlight. “It’s great. It’s safe, and it gets all the families together, along with their supporters,” said Pam, now working as an alcohol and drug counselor. “I like how you can come back and see your counselors again.”