June 26 at 9:14am

The Temple Adat Shalom Garden delivers 29 pounds of produce to Interfaith’s food pantry!

Can you believe this?

The wonderful folks at Temple Adat Shalom in Poway delivered 29 pounds of vegetables from the Temple Adat Shalom Interfaith Community Services Garden!

Yes, 29 pounds! Wow!! Check out this pile of zucchini from a recent harvest:


They also brought these beautiful sunflowers for our front desk at the Inland Service Center in Escondido:

With this delivery, a dream is being realized: to have local faith communities grow healthy fruits and vegetables for the hungry among us in North County. Temple Adat Shalom stepped forward last year to pioneer this effort, and it’s been amazing and humbling to see the fruit of their labor and love in such a tangible way.

The idea germinated with Rabbi Castiglione upon his arrival at the temple a four years ago when he looked at a lot of unused land surrounding the building:

“I knew we wouldn’t be able to build on it for some time. Seeing it not used, laying fallow, seemed sinful when we’re seeing so many people having trouble [getting enough food],” Castiglione said. “The thought of coming up with some kind of victory garden made sense.”

1 in 6 Americans struggle with food insecurity, and most food pantries are stocked with canned and processed foods. Temple Adat Shalom has demonstrated that local faith communities can have a direct and tangible impact on the problem of hunger and malnutrition in our communities.

If your faith community is interested in growing fresh, healthy produce for the Interfaith food pantry, contact Laura Cardona at 760-489-6380, ext. 214 or at lcardona@interfaithservices.org. We can help you get started today!